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Validation & Calibration

Validation & Calibration : Enhanced systems approve precisions and data validation which constitute Particle Size analyzer, Kaye Validator, Air samplers, Filter Integrity testers, Particle counter, Anemometer, Lux meter, etc. Calibration services are based on the process of comparison with a reference or standard in order to give set corrections and/or uncertainties characteristic of the instrument being calibrated. The results of the calibration process are then used in the adjustment of the instrument. It involves three main stages namely design, qualification and continued validation and verification.

The process of validation is intended to give users of some equipment or process that it will produce some expected product consistently according to preset quality attributes, acceptance criteria and specifications .

Calibration and validation services are important since they help maintain the quality, safety and standards of your equipment, which lowers costs associated with their operation and increases the efficiency thereof. Calibration, verification and validation checks are critical to ensuring that your processes and equipment are functioning the way they were intended to.