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Tablet Granulation

Tablet Granulation : Compression Granulation includes roller compactors, granulators - rapid/ high speed mixers, and fluidized bed granulators.

The compression techniques employ slug formation, roller compaction and are based on the principle followed by conventional planetary mixers with advantages such as enhanced speed.

Fluidized bed granulators are multi-purpose equipment in that mixing, granulation and drying are all carried out in the same equipment. The equipment operates in a bubbling bed regime.

The system allows for real-time monitoring of the granulation process which can be used to control and optimize critical process parameters such as binder addition rate, process length, drying time and the end point granulate size.

The application of image analysis, near-infrared spectroscopy, acoustic-emission spectroscopy, focused-beam reflectance spectroscopy, and spatial-filter velocimetry for real-time granulation monitoring the production.

Compression features corresponds to double rotary tableting machine, in compliance with cGMP guidelines including powerful pre compression and main compression force, central drive, outside controls, pressure loading and overloading pressure release mechanism through Hydro-pneumatic power pack system, main motor and force feeder motor driven, auto lubrication, upper punch penetration, and anti-vibration mounts.