Research and Development


Research and Development : The areas which contribute in our R&D includes Gene and stem cell therapies have the potential to make the substantial impact on the treatment of several diseases. However there are pros and cons of each strategy but the optimal selection of gene delivery vector or stem cell may often lead to better therapeutic effect.

Reaching a New Innovation Threshold

Novel therapeutics especially once based on innovative new technology platforms renders products which are less available in Asia-Pacific as well as two thirds of countries are developed in the R&D.

Merging Technology Transfer with Knowledge Translation

Technology transfer is not just limited to industries and R&D research scientist working in RD may also work with universities. There are several areas of patent or product commercialization happening in universities . This also focuses on how technology transfer can be coupled with knowledge transfer.

Creating The Perfect Capsule

This outlines the key challenges facing soft and hard capsule formulation and focuses on the importance of choosing the right excipient to optimize the delivery of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients APIs.

Knowing vs Hunting for Targets

Selecting a target for setting up the drug discovery path has to be the right decision and often this choice is based on knowledge from the research and development.

Emerging Directions in R&D of Drug Discovery and Development


Delivering patient relevant healthcare and patient centric drug discovery and innovation based approach globally is the new requirement. It means the very starting material knowledge and data is to be connected with the patient and only patient Conventional methods relying on extrapolation of data from animal systems and models is slowly going to be a thing of the past as the emerging field of human stem cells and their role in drug discovery and development is quickly gaining momentum.

Mass Spectrometry in Research and Development of Protein Biologics

The soft ionization revolution in mass spectrometry took place in last decade of 20th century After that mass spectrometry quickly rose to prominence in the life science laboratories The paradigm of the pharmaceutical RD has also changed over the same time and biological drugs generally called big molecules are being developed.

Changing the Game in Drug Development


To improve the Return on Investment ROI for drug development the biopharmaceutical industry has invested in methods technologies and operational programs to reduce cost and improve efficiency Modeling and simulation lives at the intersection of biology and technology.

Reviving Pharma R&D Productivity with New Modalities

The genomics biomarkers and access to human tissue samples are offering a range of well validated biological targets. To seize the opportunity of leveraging New Modalities and abolishing silos is a must.