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Microbiology Department

Microbiology Department : Understanding the principles of microbiology and human cell mechanisms allows us to discover antimicrobial drugs that would prevent an escalating number of communicable diseases. We work synergistically to ensure that drug therapies target the opportunistic microbes without harming its human host. Another important role in pharmaceuticals is the use of microbes for the medically important studies. It also plays a significant role in medical devices, which are used for fast and precise detection of pathogens in tissue samples.

The significance of microorganisms in non-sterile pharmaceutical products should be evaluated in terms of the use of the product, the nature of the product, and the potential hazard to the user and hence categories be routinely tested for total counts and specified indicator microbial contaminants.

In order to isolate specific microbial contaminants, we employ the type of enrichment media containing inactivators, such as Tween, lecithin. This is essential to inactivate preservatives usually present in these types of product and provides a better medium for damaged or slow growing cells. Other growth parameters include a lower temperature and longer incubation time (at least 5 days) that provide a better survival condition for damaged or slow-growing cells.

Reliable Pharmaceutical R&D services allow companies to follow manufacturing procedures, quality control measures being taken, production scope and technical know-how.