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Capsules and Encapsulation

Capsules and Encapsulation Techniques based on Auger fill, Piston - Tamp, Vibratory fill and vacuum fill principles are applied for the manufacture of capsules.

Auger filling can be used for the check - weigher to measure the weight after filling and then integrating that with the Auger servo controller after every cycle. That information helps the servo controller to alter the auger speed/revolutions for the subsequent filling cycles. This helps in ensuring that the product weight deviations are within a particular range.

The tamping pins are spring loaded to avoid the application of an excessive force. The resultant plugs are fragile and of high porosity and hence dispersion and dissolution of the contents after ingestion are facilitated.

In dosating nozzle machines, the dosator consists of a tube, open at one end, within which is a movable piston. The dosator is plunged into a bed of particulate solid contained in a hopper.

Centralized Level Adjustment which allows for adjustment in the level with a single control so as not to insert or withdraw shims on the filling valve.

Micro encapsulation is a very useful process in Altering colloidal and surface properties, Controlled release, and Sustained release.

In this process particulate core material which is solid is dispersed in the supporting air stream. Inside the coating chamber the particles are made to suspend on an upward moving air stream. The recirculation of the particles in the coating zone portion is affected by the design of the chamber and its operating parameters. This cyclic process is repeated about several hundred times until the required micro encapsulation is done i.e. whether the required parameters such as coating thickness etc., are achieved. The air stream which supports the particles also helps in the drying of particles, and these drying rates are directly proportional to the temperature of the air stream which assists in supporting.